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Seen Soulfly tonight in the Spring and Airbreak in Belfast. Had only come in from Boston via Heathrow an hour or two earlier (got masively delayed by the weather) so was totally shattered but it was a really great gig. Setlist included the following (although i’ve missed out loads).

  • Unleashed
  • Prophecy
  • Warmageddon
  • Back to the Primative
  • Roots Bloody Roots
  • Territory
  • Refuse/Resist
  • Blood Fire War Hate
  • Eye for an Eye

Again only had cameraphone, really need to find a tiny compact with good iso range and tv mode to get a decent shutter speed.. that fits in a pocket.. and won’t fall out.. but is cheap enough to not worry about if it does… too much? Edit: just found one the panasonic LX3, it ticks all the boxes… apart from being cheap 😮

Soulfly Belfast 2009

Soulfly Belfast 2009 (Max is wearing a NI football top!)

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